First Aid

Mental health awareness training equips participants with a greater awareness of mental illness, an understanding of the symptoms and signs of common mental illnesses, including suicide, and the steps for supporting a colleague who may be experiencing the impacts of an existing or emerging mental health problem. Brief and great value for money and time, these sessions are perfect for building knowledge and skills across the organisation. 

Leading Positive Mental Health at Work educates and equips leaders to foster a positive mental health culture within their organisation or team. They will develop a deeper mental health awareness, an understanding of the benefits of a mentally well workplace, the skills to identify and support a staff member who is experiencing an existing or emerging mental health problem and clarity of their responsibilities and the organisation’s legal obligations in relation to mental health. For frontline leaders to executives.

Donna is a Principal Master Mental Health First Aid Instructor, who brings the Accredited Mental Health First Aid program to life with her lived experience. She facilitates public courses two monthly and can be booked for private Mental Health First Aid courses for workplaces or community groups.